Free Marketing

Free Website & Internet Marketing


All hosting accounts have access to our free SA Internet News Group marketing system that was developed over many years.

Admin Panel

Admin Panel

The client admin panel allow you to build an additional website and to promote your business and website with ease.

Additional Website

Additional Website

You can use this as either your main website or as additional website for marketing and promotional purposes.



The marketing system consist of many different websites where YOU can post ads and promotional content for free.


More than 10 years ago while in the computer and hardware industry we become fed-up with the expensive advertising costs and started to build our own internet marketing system. Over the years we tested, rebuild and against tested many different alternatives to improve the system and up to date we never spend a cent on external advertising.


Unity is Power

Despite the success and what we learnt and build from above the system can improve 100 or even 1000 fold with Unity is Power and that is where our clients comes in, if they are willing to spend some time instead than money on far, far better and effective marketing methods.


Content is King

Content is not only the currency of the internet but also of advertising because it's the content of a magazine, newspaper or website that draw readers and visitors and enable the media groups to earn money from advertising.

With our system each client become almost the co-owner of a whole group of marketing websites where he can post unlimited content to draw visitors to whom he can promote his products, services and business for free. The more each client makes use of the system, the more content and the more visitors and the more powerfull the group and thus more valuable the free advertising for each and every client.



The Only Problem

The only problem at the moment is that too few people at the moment understand and embrached the concept and there is thus too little content to be effective but you can compare it with the anti-etoll or a tax revolt that is initially useless until it started to pick up momentum and more and more people join until it's unstoppable and force a revolution and in this case, a free marketing revolution that not even the biggest media group can stop.